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The Nappy Emporium Newborn Full Time Budget Bundle

The Nappy Emporium Newborn Full Time Budget Bundle

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This bundle is for the cloth nappy parents who want to cloth nappy their newborn baby on a budget. This bundle contains enough nappies for 2 days, changing every 3 hours. You will have to wash every day.

The items in this bundle are gender neutral in colour/print and may take up to a week to fill depending on stock availability. If you would prefer boy/girl prints, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate any preferences you may have.


16 x Bam+Boo hemp flats (50 x 50cm)

2 x Mini Matters cotton boosters

1 x fleece liner roll (4 pack)

1 x Bam+Boo bamboo disposable liner roll (roll of 100)

3 x Sanppi’s

1 x Mini Matters soft shell cover

4 x Bam+Boo single gusset covers (snap/Velcro)