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The Nappy Emporium OSFM Variety trial pack

The Nappy Emporium OSFM Variety trial pack

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This trial bundle will give you a taste of what the cloth nappy life has to offer, We understand that there are many options to choose from so this bundle has one of each of the most popular items for you to try and see what your preference is before committing to a bigger purchase. This items in this bundle will fit a baby from 5-15Kg.


1 x Bam+Boo single gusset cover

1 x Bam+Boo pocket nappy

1 x Bam+Boo All in One nappy

1 x Bam+Boo hemp flat

1 x Mini Matters cotton booster

1 x Snappi

1 x Bam+Boo bamboo disposable liner roll (roll of 100)

1 x Fleece liner roll of 2


Please note: this bundle is gender neutral in colour/print and may take up to a week to fill depending on stock availability.