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Bam+Boo Hemp Booster Pad
Bam+Boo Hemp Booster Pad

Bam+Boo Hemp Booster Pad

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The hemp booster pad has three layers of super absorbent hemp and is the perfect way to increase a nappy's absorbency. Hemp Booster Pads are smaller than our normal nappy inserts making them the perfect size to boost All-In-One Nappies, Hemp Flats and Newborn Nappies. Lay it in the correct position to target absorbency at the front for a boy or between the legs for a girl.

Measures 23 x 9 cm. Needs up to 8 washes before it reaches full absorbency. Can be tumble dried on a low heat (can help to soften the fabric after washing, alternatively just give the fabric a quick rub together.)

Hemp is the most absorbent type of booster (and slightly less bulky than bamboo) which makes it a popular choice. However, while it has a high capacity it does not absorb as quickly as other boosters. With this in mind, to prevent leaks always place the hemp booster furthest from baby's bottom so that a faster absorbing microfibre/bamboo/cotton insert acts a first line of defence to quickly absorb the liquid, with the hemp booster behind it to provide the high absorbent capacity.


Please note: Colours may vary.

Absorbency Very high
Speed of absorbency Slow
Bulkiness Slim
Drying speed Slow