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What Do I Need?

A frequently asked question is what exactly do I need to put together a complete reusable nappy system?

Here is a guideline shopping list of everything. This is based on washing every two days, but for the first eight weeks you would expect to be washing every day.

For more details about the different parts of a nappy and nappy types, click here.

Shopping list 8 weeks to 6 months 6 months +

Day time nappies 15 12
Fitted night time nappies 5 3
Covers 2 to 5 2


(for extra absorbency)

5 4


(optional - disposable paper or reusable fleece)

6 rolls of paper liners (will last 2 months)

20 reusable fleece liners

3 rolls of paper liners (will last 2 months)

15 reusable fleece liners

Nappy bucket

(for soiled nappies at home)

1 1

Laundry bags

(to line the bucket)

2 2

Washable wipes


40 30

Wet bag

(waterproof bag for soiled nappies for trips out)

1 or 2 1 or 2