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Nappies for Newborns

If you have a large baby (4.5 kg or more) you may be able to skip straight to "birth to potty" nappies. However, many parents ask what options are available for smaller babies before they reach this stage.

Newborn sized nappies

Our selection of newborn nappies are designed for babies that are between about 2 and 7 kg. Newborn nappies are incredibly trim fitting so perfect for the early days. Newborn nappies normally only fit up to eight weeks old but if baby was premature or very small you may find you get longer use out of them.

We have a collection of all-in-one nappies and fitted nappies which are perfect for newborns. You would need roughly 24 of these nappies (if washing daily when baby is under eight weeks).

Many people love the convenience of a newborn size all-in-one nappy (pictured below). They certainly are neat little nappies. These nappies have the additional benefit of a snap-down waist to accommodate the umbilical cord and double leg elastics for extra containment.

Fitted newborn nappies (pictured below) are marvellously straightforward, and are something of a halfway house between the convenience of all-in-ones and the simplicity of a flat nappy (more on those below). The snug fit of the fitted nappy combined with the additional layer of the waterproof cover mean this newborn system has excellent containment. As with flat nappies, you can reuse the covers.

Flat nappies for newborns

Newborn size nappies are however outgrown relatively quickly, so they don't get as much wear as birth to potty nappies. If you are looking for a more economical system, look no further than "flats" with covers. These elegant nappies work brilliantly for small babies, offer excellent containment and are so easy to get the hang of. They are lovely and trim, super absorbent and are fantastic value because you don't need a cover for each flat.

Flats consist of squares of muslin, cotton, hemp or bamboo fabric which are folded into a super soft and absorbent nappy. The nappy is secured with a "Snappi" and once in place a newborn sized cover keeps everything waterproof. Add a newborn size booster to increase the absorbency. For night time use you can use two flats layered together to achieve more absorbency.

This system has the benefit of being nice and trim on baby's bottom and they dry super quickly for a fast laundry turnaround (a big plus with a newborn).

Not only is this system very economical because you don't need a cover for every flat, it is extra good value because once baby outgrows the newborn size covers everything else can still be put to use in your ongoing collection. (Use the folded flats as boosters when baby is older - simply fold into a pad.)

Folding a flat nappy is really very straightforward and easily mastered. With a bit of practice you will be folding flats quickly in no time. The diagram below shows how to do the "origami" fold:


For a newborn we would suggest you have between 24 and 36 flats, five or six newborn covers, three snappis, and six boosters (newborn size are ideal), plus you may want to use paper or reusable fleece liners. You can find all of these items in the newborn nappies section.

Depending on the size of your baby you can opt for small 50 x 50 cm flats (fits 2 to 5 kg) or medium size 60 x 60 cm flats (fits 4 to 8 kg), or perhaps a combination of the two. Bear in mind that if baby will be on the bigger side, small flats will be outgrown fairly rapidly so it might be a good idea to go for mediums, which might be a little big to start with but will have more longevity.

The Ladybird Newborn Kit has everything you need already put together.