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Leak Proof Night Nappies

For a child who is sleeping through the night nappy needs to stand up for 12 to 14 hours. To achieve that level of performance relies on having both the right absorbency and a good cover (the waterproof bit).

We recommend you use a purpose-designed night time nappy, which will generally comprise of:

fleece liner is by no means essential, but it does help at night because it allows fluid to wick through to the absorbent core of the nappy while maintaining a staydry layer against baby's bottom.

As with all nappies, the key to avoiding leaks is to make sure you have sufficient boosters, and to check everything is tucked inside the cover.

A few notes on boosters:

  • You will normally need more boosting at night than you do during the day because the nappy will be on for much longer.
  • You can use a purpose-designed bamboo or hemp booster, or alternatively you can use a bamboo/cotton/hemp flat square folded into a pad, or even a muslin (less absorbent, but very large, so roughly equivalent).
  • Place night time absorbency at the front for a boy (or front sleeper) or between the legs for a girl. Alternatively, to make the nappy less bulky at any particular point, you can put the boosting along the length of the nappy.

Our Ladybird Night Time Nappy Kit is a wonderful one click solution with everything you need for leak-free nights.