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Wet Bags & Nappy Storage

A wet bag is a waterproof nappy bag for storing used nappies when you are out of the house. They keep liquids and smells in and can be put in the wash with everything else to freshen up. These are useful for: days out, if your child is in daycare, or if you're pushed on space and don't have room for a bucket in the nursery. Some wet bags have a handy dry compartment for clean nappies too. Very useful for swimming costumes, wipes, wet clothes or anything else!

A nappy bucket is ideal for storing soiled nappies until you are ready for washing. The lid keeps the smells in and curious toddlers out. We recommend you use a mesh bag or pail liner inside the bucket so that you can transfer the nappies seamlessly into the washing machine without needing to handle them.

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